What was Trump really hoping to accomplish by inviting a mob to raid the Capitol?

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Teachers across the country are being asked to return to the classroom without the benefit of a vaccination. Photographer: Airman 1st Class Anna Nolte. Public Domain Image

Photo Credit: Tyler Merbler from USA — DSC09156 CC BY 2.0

About two dozen pro-Trump protesters gathered in the parking lot of a Safeway grocery store in South Seattle on Saturday, October 24, handing out flyers that attempt to decieve the large Vietnamese community in the neighborhood. [All photos by Bill Conroy]

At a Seattle protest today, Trump backers were handing out flyers intended to deceive people in my neighborhood

Photo from the website of AGAPE Tactical, which specializes in providing military-style training and security services to religious organizations.

The company, Atlas Aegis, works closely with another Tennessee company that provides military-like training to faith-based groups

Members of the federal team deployed in Portland, Oregon, confront protesters. Courtesy of Doug Brown, ACLU of Oregon.

A listing of federal security-firm contractors in U.S. cities being targeted by Trump reveals the players to keep an eye on

Members of the federal Rapid Deployment Force in Portland, courtesy of Doug Brown, ACLU of Oregon.

The security company, working under contract with the Department Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service, was outed in court pleadings

Freelance photojournalist Mathieu Lewis-Rolland, while wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the word “Press,” snapped this photo on July 12 during protests in Portland, Oregon. A short time later, a Federal Protective Service officer shot at him 10 times with hard-plastic bullets. The photo is included as part of his declaration filed in federal court in an ACLU lawsuit focused on law-enforcement abuses.

Congress is now probing the use of contract security personnel in law enforcement operations led by DOJ and DHS

Members of the federal strike force deployed in Portland, courtesy of Doug Brown of the ACLU of Oregon.

Flight records, a former chief-of-staff of Homeland Security and a former DEA agent are among sources that confirm their origin

Courtesy of Doug Brown of the ACLU of Oregon

Congress needs to shine a light on the use of private security firms, including ‘Blackwater’ legacy companies, in Trump’s response to ongoing civil rights protests

Bill Conroy

Bill Conroy is an independent investigative journalist. For more information, check out billconroy.pressfolios.com.

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