Remembering Three Giants of Authentic Journalism….

Bill Conroy
29 min readJul 25, 2023

Journalist, organizer and musician Al Giordano.

We live in a digital age in which much of the sum of world history is erased every decade or so as web links break, publications disappear and creators, artists and journalists pass away, and their works available on the internet, if at all, are fractured and buried by sterile algorithms.

In this piece, I write about three of the greatest journalist I ever worked with — and arguably among the greatest ever to put a pen to paper. All left this world too soon, but their work remains extremely relevant in today’s world and beyond — and it should be kept alive for the generations to come.

If you don’t know about them, it’s definitely worth a read. If you do know of them and their great work, then pass the story along to someone who is not aware and who’s world might be expanded by learning of these journalists, their work and the price they paid to tell all of us the truth.

Al Giordano has left us, but his words, work and spirit will inspire generations

Al Giordano, 1959–2023

Al Giordano passed away Monday evening, July 10, 2023, in Mexico. He was at home, in his own bed, with friends at his side, as a hard rain came down on the land.



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