Republican lawmakers recklessly push an indicted informant’s lies about Joe and Hunter Biden

Bill Conroy
10 min readFeb 27, 2024
Mike Levine

Former deep-cover DEA agent Mike Levine has years of experience dealing with cooperating sources and informants in the world of law enforcement.

Too often, he says the informants end up handling the agents, leading to corruption in the informant-handling world.

Levine, who also testifies in court as an expert witness, has keen insight into the world of informants.

He shared a bit of that wisdom with me for a story I reported and published via Narco News in 2016 — just prior to the presidential election that year.

From Levine:

I am involved in a case where I am representing a mafia hood against the FBI. He was an 18-year top-echelon informant who in that time earned a total of about $30,000 in unspecified fees. [That] means he was given a license to commit any crimes he had to in order to maintain his standing within the mafia so that the FBI agents could file very cool reports.

But I could find no convictions wherein the man was instrumental in obtaining same during that whole period of time. Sound like the Whitey Bulger case?

That is the problem. The FBI and CIA have created a situation where, if you are well-placed in any criminal…



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