About two dozen pro-Trump protesters gathered in the parking lot of a Safeway grocery store in South Seattle on Saturday, October 24, handing out flyers that attempt to decieve the large Vietnamese community in the neighborhood. [All photos by Bill Conroy]

Trump ‘Protesters’ Spread Lies in Communities of Color

At a Seattle protest today, Trump backers were handing out flyers intended to deceive people in my neighborhood

Bill Conroy
4 min readOct 24, 2020


I just checked out an impromptu pro-Trump voter rally held today, Oct. 24, in the parking lot of a Safeway grocery store a few blocks from my house at MLK Way and Othello Street in South Seattle.

I counted only about two dozen protestors who were under the watch of at least four police squad cars, one parked behind a vehicle decked out with Trump propaganda, two in the parking lot near the protesters and one street-patrol car driving around the protest.

About half a mile away, a neighborhood community center that has a ballot drop-box in its parking lot also was invaded by Trump protesters who were met there with Biden counter-protesters. Reports I received from a source who observed the scene said there was a strong police presence at the community center as well.

If that same police presence is near the polls, ballot drop-boxes and other areas where Trump militias or other disrupters are seeking to wage voter-suppression efforts up and through the election, I feel confident such tactics will be nipped in the bud.

I spoke with one of the police officers and expressed appreciation for their presence and efforts to protect the vote, and he and another Seattle cop gave me a nod and a thumbs-up. (I find encouraging good policing as a tactic useful in encouraging more of it.)

A prior Trump-inspired protest held several blocks away a week ago — where police were not immediately present — ended with an anti-Trump protestor getting attacked and beaten by pro-Trump protestors. His story appeared on a neighborhood-group Facebook page.

“Not mincing words, I was attacked at a Trump rally in my neighborhood, Othello, this past Saturday, October 17, at around 3:00 PM,” the…



Bill Conroy

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